Most professional printers and bookbinders spend time as an intern as part of their training. This experience of working side by side with a professional in the field teaches students about the nitty gritty of the profession. Here at Smokey Road Press, we continue this tradition by offering interested folks the opportunity to work with us in our Athens, Georgia studio. Interns assist instructors with their class set-up, print cards and bind books, lend a hand with larger projects and help with inventory. Our interns learn about commercial letterpress printing as well as the fundamentals of hand bookbinding.  Many of our interns hail from the fields of printmaking and graphic design, however we encourage all paper enthusiasts with strong hand-skills, a pleasant attitude and a solid work ethic to apply. Our interns spend half of their time in the shop learning new skills and the other part of the time helping with everyday studio tasks. Smokey Road Press cannot offer housing and the internship is unpaid, however, interns may take one course for free as part of their work exchange. 


Summer interns work Tuesday through Friday from 11-5 during the month of June. We accept applications between January 1-April 15th.


Fall interns work two days a week from 11-4 during the months of September, October, and November. We accept applications between April 1st-July 15th.


Spring interns work two days a week from 11-4 during the months of February, March, and April. We accept applications between September1st-December 15th.


Candidates must have excellent hand-skills and a keen eye for details. While experience in bookbinding and letterpress is preferable, it is not a requirement. If you are interested in applying for a Smokey Road Press internship, please send an email detailing your interest to smokeyroadpress@gmail.com. Please include the names and contact information for two references as well as a link to your website. If you do not have a website, please include 3 images (jpegs). Applicants must be 17 years and older to apply.