August 28, 2013

A book a day: book 1

For the past several weeks, I have been binding a book a day. Each structure is a non-adhesive binding, which is a book without glue along the spine, and each structure is different in its proportions. This is a project designed to create a large number of book models for my students to use as inspiration when creating their own structures. I am using a variety of cover weight papers (mostly St. Armand and Cave paper), unwaxed linen thread that I then wax, and vintage glass, plastic and bakelight buttons. 

I am returning to some old favorites with this project: the long stitch, link stitch, and Coptic bindings. Variations of these structures will easily keep me occupied for at least a month- perhaps more. Here you see the first book. It is made from St. Armand paper (cover) and Cave paper (spine) with vintage green glass buttons. The back cover folds around to the front of the book to protect the foredge of the book block. The box is a typical box that I have students make in my 5-day Non-Adhesive Binding class. In this case, the exterior is book cloth and the interior is decorative paper. The labels on the top and back of the box were letterpress printed to help students identify each binding style. 

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